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ASMRHQ 55: What Can We Talk About?

In this podcast, we try to gather some ideas together for upcoming podcasts.

asmr podcast

ASMRHQ 54: More of Our Favourite Movies

In this podcast, we continue on going through the top movies on IMBD and discussing our favourites.  

asmr podcast

ASMRHQ 53: Our Favourite Netflix Shows

In this ASMR podcast, we discuss some of our favorite Netflix shows.  

ASMR: 10 Minutes of Kinetic Sand – No Talking

It’s been a while since I recorded an ASMR Kinetic Sand video. Unfortunately as I was recording,  the battery died on the camera, so it only ended up being a 10 minute video. However, I will do more in the future.

asmr podcast

ASMRHQ 52: The Diary of Lady Willoughby – Part 1

In this podcast, we read and discuss the Diary of Lady Willoughby. This is a book published in 1873 from a diary of an English lady from the 1600’s.

ASMR: Makeup Audition Role Play

Just a nice simple ASMR Makeup Role Play, although this one is for your upcoming audition.  

ASMR: More Measuring and Drawing Your Face for Plastic Surgery – Role Play

These have been very popular. This is the fourth in the series with probably a few to go yet. We still need the surgeon to see you yet and then there is the operation itself…. so  stay tuned for more!  

asmr podcast

ASMRHQ 51: Asking the Real Questions…(not really)

In this podcast, we ask some interesting questions found on Reddit and the internet in general. Just a bit of fun.