ASMR Whisper Series #1 – Positive Whispers plus Soft Soothing Rain Sounds


We seem to have finally figured out our video uploading issues with YouTube. We tried uploading this one over the weekend but again had issues, but fortunately this time we only had to resynch the video and audio and the second time we uploaded it, it worked!!

This video is the first of our whisper series. We made this video in response to a few requests from people asking for whispers, so decided to give it a go. It includes positive words whispered from ear to ear with a soft rain background. We hope you like it.

If you have any requests for  a video including specific triggers just leave a comment here, on the youtube video or on our facebook page.




  1. […] you learn that you have the neurological thing opposite to the thing that makes you feel soothed by whispering. Judging by the steady whistling sound, someone near you has a deviated septum and Just. Doesn’t. […]

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