ASMRHQ 017: Interview with Dmitri from MassageASMR

In this podcast we chat with none other than Dmitri from MassageASMR. I personally was pretty excited about this because Dmitri is one of my favourite ASMR artists.

During this chat we got all the answers to your most burning questions including:

– what triggers Dmitri?
– where does he find all the beautiful women for his videos?
– does he make money from his YouTube channel?
– where does he gets his ideas for all his videos?
– who is Dmitri’s favourite ASMR artist?
– has he ever been recognised in public?
– and much more!

If you’d like to check out Dmitri’s ASMR YouTube channel click this link – MassageASMR


  1. Funny and informative interview:) Laughed hard when Dmitri was telling about his “recruiting” on the gold coast for the pretty girls:-P
    I really thought he can live from his Youtube-Channel.
    I watch him every night … my favourite video is still this one he posted before his removal (Dr. Dmitri with the Singing Bowls and Block Tapping).
    Greetz from Germany:)

  2. I stumbled into one of his videos by accident, and at the time I had only seen women’s asmr videos so I was skeptic at first, but after that crinkle video I was hooked. I believe he is the only male asmr artist I listen to, I’ve heard others, but his videos are pretty top notch

    • Agreed, he is always striving to improve his videos both with the sound and the video quality. He definitely deserves the number of subscribers he has.

  3. I’ve just listened your podcast interview. It’s amazing, because the first time I discovered ASMR was with my cousin talking when I was 14yo. You’re a great man Dmitri, thank you for your dedication.

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