ASMRHQ 55: What Can We Talk About?

In this podcast, we try to gather some ideas together for upcoming podcasts.


  1. Do one about video games! I think Wanda mentioned she likes playing some of them 🙂

    Keep it up anyway, love your voices! x


  2. Rob Richmond says:

    One idea I had for a topic you guys can discuss would be the different restaurants/ meals you’ve had during your travels. It sounds like you probably have traveled enough to make a whole Podcast on food.

  3. Ideas for podcasts

    Favourite jobs
    Artificial intelligence
    Sports you’ve played

  4. Rob Richmond says:

    At about 7:36 the audio gets really choppy. Seems like maybe a bandwidth or rendering issue

  5. Anonymous eek says:

    I have an idea, you can go through the Internet and find your favourite conspiracy theories or urban legends I would be really into that and it would make for a longer podcast aswell❤️

  6. Discuss about vegetarian foods

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