ASMR: Binaural Enthusiast Microphone Test – Mixed Sounds, Softly Spoken

We wrote about our latest microphone acquisition, the Binaural Enthusiast Microphone and how we tried it out on one of our podcasts, but until recently, we hadn’t really put it through it’s paces to see what it is truly capable of.

So yesterday, I plugged it all in and tried it out with some of the ASMR sounds that have been popular in the past, like the crinkly ball, the styrofoam thingy and various other things.

I really like this binaural microphone. As I mentioned in the previous post, it was created by an ASMR artist so it is made to suit our requirements.

I really can’t wait to start using it more often.

Here is a link to the Binaural Enthusiast website for more info on this microphone:


ASMRHQ 45: ASMR Binaural Microphone Test

In this ASMR podcast, we test our latest microphone. This one is the Binaural Enthusiast dummy head microphone which is made by a fellow ASMR artist by the name of Pawel. His ASMR channel is Deep Oceans of Sounds so check him out.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

We’ve Just Ordered a Binaural Enthusiast Dummy Head Microphone

I think I have an addiction to microphones because we’ve just ordered another one. My excuse is that I just want to keep improving the sounds we record for ASMR which is definitely true, but really another microphone??

This time it’s the Binaural Enthusiast Dummy Head Microphone.  I found this microphone by searching the net for binaural microphones and when I came across the site and looked at the description and specs I was immediately interested. This microphone is quieter than the Soundman OKM we have which means less white noise.

But what got me really interested is that this binaural microphone was created by ASMR artist – Deep Oceans of Sounds, so it is made for ASMR artists. I’ve already seen it used by ASMRSurge and he is gaining a huge following now.

The microphone is on its way so as soon as it arrives we will be doing a microphone test.

Take a listen to the video below and see what you think.

Binaural ASMR: Massaging and Tapping Your Brain


Since I had the Soundman binaural microphone out I thought I would record another one. This is a massaging your brain video and has been quite popular on YouTube.

There’s also a bit of tapping in this but I think next time I will just do a ASMR massage only video.

ASMR Microphone Test: Softly Spoken with Tapping Sounds

It’s been a while since we last posted a YouTube ASMR video, so I decided to start back with a microphone test using the 3Dio Freespace Pro binaural microphone.

In this video, I talk with a softly spoken voice and most make tapping sounds.

Rode NT1A Microphone Tests

It’s been some time since we last uploaded a video to YouTube. The main reason is that we have been having issues with our microphones. When we would record we would get a lot of white noise which shouldn’t be happening for either of the microphones we are using – the Rode NT1a and the 3Dio Pro binaural microphone.

We tried all sorts of things to see what was causing the issue including:

  • using three different sets of microphone cables
  • recording wit the Zoom H4n and the Zoom R24
  • changing locations to see if it was a room issue

Yesterday I decided to go through the whole process again and started to test different cables etc but eventually gave up and decided just to plug the Rode NT1a mics back in to the Zoom R24 like we would normally do an lo and behold it suddenly started to work again. So we have no idea what the issue was but at this point, we don’t really care as the Rode NT1a is recording nicely again.

So the two videos below are just a couple of mic tests I did yesterday to test it all out again. They are sounding a lot better.

The first video is voice only and the second video is sounds only.



A Tour of Our ASMR Sound Room

Fortunately I have a spare room in my house that we can dedicate to recording our ASMR videos. It makes it so much easier to have everything permanently set up so we can just get in there and record.

In this video, I take you through that room and show you where we store things and how the camera and tripod is set up to record overhead shots and also how we use the Zoom R24 in conjunction with my Mac computer.

Microphones for ASMR Artists

We thought we might do a video on the types of microphones we use, which are the most common microphones used by ASMR artists.

In this video we discuss the following microphones:

ASMR: Rode NT1A Microphone Test – Softly Spoken with Mixed Sounds

We’ve decided that we need to use the Rode microphone a little more in our videos. It is such a super quiet microphone that lends itself perfectly to ASMR videos.

Being quiet means that it doesn’t have much of the hissing, humming, buzzing type of sound that you can get with a lot of microphones. This can be a real problem for ASMR artists because we are recording such soft sounds. And recording such soft sounds means that the listener often has to turn up the volume in order to hear it and when they do that, the hissing, humming, buzzing sound starts to become a problem.

This microphone practically eliminates that problem. It still has some self-noise but compared to most other microphones, it is super quiet.

This video was another test for the microphone. There is some speaking in this done in a softly spoken voice plus a few different sounds. I was also testing the camera and made some changes to the settings. It is an awesome camera and deserves a bit of attention to get it right.