ASMR: Tidying the Sound Room – Softly Spoken with Sounds

We decided to tidy up the sound room so in this ASMR video, you will hear us moving about the room and speaking with a softly spoken voice every now and then.

ASMR: Zen Magnets Demonstration – Softly Spoken

In this video Paula has some fun with the Zen Magnets.  This is a softly spoken video showing some of the different shapes you can make with these magnets including the ‘dodecahedron’ and those of you who are Dr Who fans will remember the four part story when Meglos stole the Dodecahedron from the Tigellan’s who worship the mysterious 12 sided crystal.  (Dr Who – the Tom Baker years)

ASMR: My Pin Collection

In this video I talk about my Disneyworld and Hard Rock Cafe pin collections. It’s only a small collection but each of these pins means something to me.  They remind me of places I have visited and experiences I have had. And that’s what collecting things is all about isn’t it – gathering items that bring you pleasure.

ASMR: Colouring a Mandala – Pencil Noises & Drawing Sounds

In this ASMR video I start by opening a pencil box and play around with the pencils. I then move on to colouring a mandala. So it’s full of pencil noises and drawing sounds.