ASMR: 10 Minutes of Kinetic Sand – No Talking

It’s been a while since I recorded an ASMR Kinetic Sand video. Unfortunately as I was recording,  the battery died on the camera, so it only ended up being a 10 minute video. However, I will do more in the future.

ASMR: Opening & Closing Lids …plus other sounds (SOUNDS ONLY – NO TALKING)

It’s been a while since we recorded much of anything for ASMR as our business has been keeping us quite busy. We had a major project we needed to get done and it took as 6 months to do so. Now that is out of the way, we are excited to be getting back to our ASMR channel and to start with, we have a sounds only video…no talking in this one.

I know a lot of people like the sound of lids opening and closing. It makes for a good ASMR sound. So this whole video is dedicated to that. Enjoy!


ASMR: The Floam Case – No Talking

This is the fourth Floam video we have recorded and in this one I focus solely on the Floam case – so we don’t actually get to see the Floam at all in this video. This has been requested by quite a number of people now as many of those who saw the first Floam video loved the noises from scratching the Floam case.


ASMR: My Badge Collection – Softly Spoken

I actually recorded this video some time ago – might have even been last year – but never got around to editing it until now. It is simply a video of me going through my old badge collection and it is done with as softly spoken voice.


ASMR HQ: Watch Us Live on Periscope

We have just started to create live recordings on Periscope. This is a new app released last month by Twitter and it is highly addictive. You can watch live recordings of just about anything.

It is only available for the iPhone at the time of writing this post but it works on the iPad and for Android apparently the app is on its way.

Since it is so new, the app is pretty limited…so limited in fact, that you can’t even search for anything just yet. You can only view what they suggest. However, you can search for specific people so if you search for ASMR HQ you will find us and be able to follow us if you wish.

So the video you see above is just a sample of the types of videos you might see from us on Periscope. Follow us on Periscope for more.



ASMR: Rode NT1a Microphone Test #2 – Mostly Sounds

This is the second of the Rode NT1a microphone tests. This one has mostly sounds. I just spoke a little at the start and the finish.

ASMR Microphone Test #1: Rode NT1A Microphones – Softly Spoken, Tapping, Scraping

We’ve been wanting to test our Rode NT1a microphones for a while now. We have used them in podcasts but not in a full length ASMR video so I gave them a good run with a few different sounds in this one.

I don’t think I got the placement right as although you could hear the left and the right ear it wasn’t as defined as I would have liked. I am still working on it.

ASMR Microphone Test #2: Rode NT1A Microphone – Mostly Sounds (with just a bit of talking at the start and finish)

This is the second test I did for the Rode NT1a microphone. I angled the microphones a little more and spaced them a little further apart. I think it makes the left and right ear a little more defined.

I am going to keep working on it to improve the sound as these are really nice mice.

ASMR: Fabric Stash and An Update on Where We Have Been

We are finally back and making videos again. In this video, we provide an update and go through a few items that came in the mail.

We are so happy to be recording again. We were having a lot of issues with traffic noise and the editing process just got out of hand. You don’t notice the traffic noises until you start recording because they aren’t actually that loud but the microphone picks up everything and with ASMR, as you know, you need a lot of quiet.

We would spend hours listening to recordings just to edit out the bits of traffic. It was becoming tedious. So in the end, we decided to move the sound room from Wanda’s place down to my place. It’s soooo much better. We still get noises there but mostly natural sounds now like birds or my dog and we can quickly edit those out if needed.

So expect to see lots more YouTube videos and podcasts from us in the future.