ASMR: Kinetic Sand #4 – Making Shapes in Kinetic Sand – Softly Spoken

Our Kinetic Sand videos have been hugely popular and this time it was Wanda’s turn to have a play. She made shapes with the sand using moulds and spoke in a softly spoken voice.

ASMR: Crinkly Candy Canes – Softly Spoken

This video includes lots of crinkly sounds and some really nice visual triggers. It was the leftover candy canes from Christmas and they make an awesome sound.

ASMR: Sorting and Describing Project Life Scrapbooking Cards, Softly Spoken

We recently started scrapbooking and purchased some Project Life Scrapbooking kits.   This is a softly spoken video which includes sorting the cards, card shuffling sounds and just talking about them in general.

ASMR: The Sounds of Floam – Softly Spoken

We decided it might be nice to create a Floam ASMR video, however things didn’t turn out exactly to plan. The Floam was extremely sticky. It turned out okay in the end and this video has proved to be extremely popular but I intend on doing another one in the future when the Floam has a change to dry out a little.

ASMR: Style Me Up Designer Sketchbook – Flipping Pages, Using a Pointer

Wanda has been getting a lot of positive comments on her voice so she is doing more and more softly spoken videos. In this one, she goes through a Style Me Up Sketchbook.

ASMR: Colouring, Flipping Pages, Crinkly Wrapper Sounds, Softly Spoken

This video is of a kids colouring in book from Crayola.  It includes the sounds of colouring, flipping pages and crinkly wrapper sounds.  The dialogue is softly spoken.

This book is a Crayola Color Wonder book which means the special pens that are included will only work on the special paper in the book. This also means there is no mess as the pen simply does not work anywhere else, even if you write on yourself or the wall.

ASMR: Explaining Australian Currency in a Softly Spoken Voice

In this video, Wanda explains Australian currency using a pointer. Educational or instructional ASMR videos seem to be quite popular for many and this is our first attempt.

ASMR – Stroking Soft Fluffy Fabric – Softly Spoken

We decided to try something a little different and create a mostly visual video. We found some really nice soft fluffy fabric at our local craft store and Wanda put on the white gloves and this is the result.

ASMR: Kinetic Sand #3 – Crunching Sounds – Making Shapes

Our Kinetic Sand videos have been quite popular and we had a request to do another. This time it includes mostly crunching sounds.