Mixed Sounds

It’s been a while since we added a new video to the channel. That’s because we have been very busy with our Alanda Craft channel writing training courses for the Brother ScanNCut machine. And we have started fermenting our own food and making bread etc. It’s a  lot of fun and we talk about it in our latest Podcast (no.43).

In this audio video we bring you some mixed sounds to help you relax. Headphones, lay back, close your eyes and relax. Enjoy.

ASMR: Tidying the Sound Room – Softly Spoken with Sounds

We decided to tidy up the sound room so in this ASMR video, you will hear us moving about the room and speaking with a softly spoken voice every now and then.

20 ASMR Sounds for 20K Subscribers

We still remember the day when we reached 100 subscribers on YouTube for our ASMR YouTube channel. That was pretty exciting, so to reach 20,000 is pretty awesome. To celebrate, we created a video with 20 different sounds including crinkles, tapping, scratching and scraping sounds.

We want to thank each of our subscribers and we will be bringing more to you soon.


ASMR: One Hour of Scratching and Scraping Sounds

This was something we had recorded a while back as we were going to use it for an album for iTunes, Spotify etc. Instead, we decided to combine all the tracks into one hour of easy listening for our YouTube subscribers.

It’s basically one hour of scratching and scraping sounds and was recorded using the Rode NT1A microphones.

ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – Day 30 – Multiple Sounds (Binaural)

And here we are at our final day. This has been a marathon effort but we have enjoyed bringing these videos to you and we hope you have found one or more videos amongst the 30  that you really like.

This last video is made up of multiple binaural sounds.



ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – Day 29 – Hand Sounds

For Day 29 we have  a video featuring hand sounds using the 3Dio Microphone for your listening pleasure.


ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – Day 28 – Yeti Microphone Test

We use our Yeti Microphone a lot, so we thought we would do another Yeti Microphone Test to show you just how versatile this microphone is. Enjoy the sounds.

ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – Day 27 – Multi-Layered Sounds

We get lots of nice comments about our multi-layered sound tracks. So here is one for you to enjoy.

ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – Day 26 – Inaudible Whispers (Mouth Sounds)

So many of our subscribers love inaudible whispers, so this one is for you.  Just a warning though there are mouth sounds in this one.