Mixed Sounds

It’s been a while since we added a new video to the channel. That’s because we have been very busy with our Alanda Craft channel writing training courses for the Brother ScanNCut machine. And we have started fermenting our own food and making bread etc. It’s a  lot of fun and we talk about it in our latest Podcast (no.43).

In this audio video we bring you some mixed sounds to help you relax. Headphones, lay back, close your eyes and relax. Enjoy.

20 ASMR Sounds for 20K Subscribers

We still remember the day when we reached 100 subscribers on YouTube for our ASMR YouTube channel. That was pretty exciting, so to reach 20,000 is pretty awesome. To celebrate, we created a video with 20 different sounds including crinkles, tapping, scratching and scraping sounds.

We want to thank each of our subscribers and we will be bringing more to you soon.


ASMR: One Hour of Scratching and Scraping Sounds

This was something we had recorded a while back as we were going to use it for an album for iTunes, Spotify etc. Instead, we decided to combine all the tracks into one hour of easy listening for our YouTube subscribers.

It’s basically one hour of scratching and scraping sounds and was recorded using the Rode NT1A microphones.

ASMR: Sound Series #51 – Just Crinkles

This audio had the same problem as Sound Series #50, with a lot of white noise which was quite noticeable when you turned up the sound. I ran it through Audacity to remove the noise but I really hate doing that as it can distort the sound. Fortunately it came out all right but I’d rather figure out what is causing the white noise to begin with rather than mess around after the fact trying to remove it.

ASMR: Sound Series #50: Opening and Closing Bottle Caps

I didn’t have access to the video camera for a couple of weeks so decided to record a few audio only ASMR videos. This is the first which was recorded using the Rode NT1A microphones.

I’m actually not sure what is going on with the sound at the moment as this microphone is usually extremely quiet but I noticed a lot of white noise when the volume was turned up. I had to run it through Audacity to remove some of it so it ended up okay. But I need to figure this out since the white noise is occurring with the 3Dio mic as well.

I’ve change the cables and used the Zoom H4n instead of the Zoom R24 and still the white noise. Will have to try recording in another location and see if that makes a difference.


ASMR: Binaural Sound Series #49: Two Red Blocks

If you like tapping sounds then you should like this one. The whole video is made up of just the sounds of two red toy blocks. We used the 3Dio Free Space Pro microphone in this ASMR video.

ASMR: Binaural Sound Series #48: Cupping the Microphone

This one was a request from a YouTube subscriber. ASMR cupping sounds are quite popular but I wasn’t sure if this was a little too intense. The reaction has been pretty good so far.

ASMR: Binaural Sound Series #47: A Bowl Over Your Head

Thought we would try something quite a bit different a stick a bowl over your head to give you some really nice ASMR tingles. This idea originally came from the wonderful SoundSculptures YouTube channel. You can check out that video here: http://youtu.be/2R9M_ALKBck

We use the 3Dio binaural microphone in this one.

ASMR: Sound Series #46: Multilayered Sounds and Video (Our 100th Video!)

We decided to try a multilayered video based on the layer cake videos that Dimitri from MassageASMR does. This video is the result.

It took a bit of editing to get right as I didn’t want to make the sounds too intense. As it is, I think they may be a little too much at the start but it softens up a bit as it continues on.

We also didn’t realised until after we uploaded this video, that it was our 100th…yay!

You can watch one of Dmitri’s layer cake ASMR videos here: http://youtu.be/MvY_onk0kyw