ASMR: Softly Spoken Unboxing of a Cheese Making Kit

This video is an unboxing of a cheese making kit that we recently purchased.  There are lots of lovely crinkly sounds and tapping as I take you through the softly spoken unboxing.Lots of lovely goodies inside the box, each wrapped in bubble wrap or a great sounding plastic wrap.  Enjoy

I was unable to find the same cheese making kit on amazon but I did find another Mad Millie’s Fresh Cheese Making Kit
that has even more items included.

ASMR: Scrapbooking Kit Unboxing

This is a softly spoken unboxing of a nostalgia scrapbooking kit.   I love the quality of the papers included with this kit, and the muted tonings make it ideal as a gift for your mum or grandma. Mind you there are lots of women of all ages who will love the old fashioned look of a scrapbook made with these papers.

The kit also includes lots of accessories to dress up your scrapbook pages. I was unable to find the exact same kit  for you and these have now sold out but I did find some  beautiful scrapbooking kits on Amazon from My Minds Eye.

The unboxing is accompanied by tapping, scraping and crinkle sounds.

ASMR – Binaural Microphone Unboxing – 3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone Unboxing

We recently purchased the 3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone and in this video we show the unboxing of it. The packaging made lots of nice crinkly sounds and the plastic wrap that cushioned the microphone has a very nice sound as well.