ASMR: Whisper Series #10 – Inaudible Whispers, Mouth & Tapping Sounds

This is the latest in our whisper series. In this video, I do an inaudible whisper that includes some mouth sounds. Plus I add some tapping sounds to mix it up a bit.

ASMR Whisper Series #9: Inaudible Whispers with Crinkly Sounds (Mouth Sounds)

Our inaudible whisper videos are proving to be quite popular so although neither of us are really into those types of videos, we will continue to make them for those that are.

This is our latest which includes some crinkly sounds.

ASMR Whisper Series #8: Multi-Layered Inaudible Whispers with Mouth Sounds

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to do more inaudible whisper videos so here is the next in the series. This one is multi-layered so the recording is duplicated and then added to make it sound like there are two people whispering. Since the recording only went for about 9 minutes, I looped the video but changed the right and left ear in the second half to make it sound different.

I actually read the first two chapters of Pride and Prejudice for this but you probably won’t be able to understand any of that since this is an inaudible whispers video.

ASMR Binaural Whisper Series #7 – Inaudible Whisper with Microphone Brushing Sounds

Another inaudible whisper ASMR video but this one includes some nice gentle microphone brushing sounds.

ASMR Whisper Series #6: Soft Inaudible Whispers & Mouth Sounds – Panning Left and Right Ears

We keep getting requests to do more inaudible whispering videos so this is out latest offering. I can babble on for ages when whispering like this so it comes pretty easily to me. This one includes some mouth sounds here and there as well so if you’re not into mouth sounds this probably isn’t for you.

ASMR Binaural Whisper Series #5 – Soft Inaudible Whispers & Mouth Sounds

This is another whisper video that includes some mouth sounds although they aren’t too intense. This one is pretty much unintelligible whispers. I was reading a technical manual whilst doing this.

ASMR Binaural Whisper Series #4: Positive Quotes in a Soothing Softly Spoken Voice

We have Wanda again in this video quoting some of her favourite quotes. It’s done in a soothing softly spoken voice.

ASMR Whisper Series #3: Mouth Sounds, Inaudible Whispers, Breathing Sounds

Okay, so I don’t like ASMR mouth sound videos, but I know plenty of others do so we created this one. It includes icky mouth sounds, inaudible whispers and breathing sounds…yes, I had to breath a few times while I was doing it.

ASMR Soothing & Relaxing Rainforest – Bird & Walking Sounds

This is a short video that was recorded by my daughter Varinia on her trip to Cairns. ¬†Unfortunately I couldn’t use the footage she sent through as it was compressed and pixilated when enlarged for you tube purposes. ¬†So I strung together some stock footage to accompany the sounds that she recorded.

I used Audacity to separate the sound from the video to make it usable. It’s only just over 3 mins but I love the sound of the birds and the crunching of the twigs and leaves underfoot. Its both soothing and relaxing.