ASMRHQ 55: What Can We Talk About?

In this podcast, we try to gather some ideas together for upcoming podcasts.

ASMRHQ 54: More of Our Favourite Movies

In this podcast, we continue on going through the top movies on IMBD and discussing our favourites.


ASMRHQ 53: Our Favourite Netflix Shows

In this ASMR podcast, we discuss some of our favorite Netflix shows.


ASMRHQ 52: The Diary of Lady Willoughby – Part 1

In this podcast, we read and discuss the Diary of Lady Willoughby. This is a book published in 1873 from a diary of an English lady from the 1600’s.

ASMRHQ 51: Asking the Real Questions…(not really)

In this podcast, we ask some interesting questions found on Reddit and the internet in general. Just a bit of fun.

ASMRHQ 50: Our Favorite Movies

In this podcast, we go through the topĀ  films in IMDB and discuss which ones we have seen, which ones we like and don’t like and a little about the actors.

ASMRHQ 49: Sounds Only

We promised another ‘sounds only’ podcast, so here it is. This one was recorded with the Rode NT1a microphones.

ASMRHQ 48: Rambling On About Goal Setting

In this podcast, we talk about how we are setting goals and making daily plans. We also go into what we are working on at the moment.


ASMRHQ 47: Our Trip to Melbourne

In this podcast, we ramble on about our latest trip to Melbourne.