Gear We Use to Make Our ASMR Videos

Below you will find a list of the sound gear, software and other products we use to create our ASMR videos.

Okay, it’s a bit of overkill, I admit, but not everything in the list we purchased for creating ASMR videos. We have an online business and use a lot of these tools for that purpose as well.

We both love creating ASMR videos and we both love gadgets. Plus, our goal is to keep improving the quality of the sound as best we can, so we are constantly on the lookout for products that will help us do that.

Soundman OKM II Binaural Microphones 1. Soundman OKM Classic II Binaural MicrophoneWe purchased the Soundman microphone because it was highly recommend on audio forums for creating good quality binaural sounds. We love it. You can read our review for it and listen to sound tests here –> Soundman Binaural Microphone Review
 Logic Pro X 2. Logic Pro XLogic Pro is a software program that you can download for Mac computers. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on a Windows PC. It allows us to record and edit our sounds. We did use GarageBand for a while but upgraded to Logic Pro. GarageBand is brilliant and will do the job for any ASMR artist. Logic Pro just has a lot more fancy effects and plugins.
 Tascam IXJ2 3. Tascam AdaptorThe Tascam adaptor allows us to connect the Soundman microphone to an iPad or iPhone in order to record sounds. We don’t use it much anymore because we are recording into a Zoom now.I get the feeling that this is going to be phased out only because it doesn’t fit the latest version of the iPad.
 Photoshop 4. Photoshop CS5 Photoshop is an image editing program. We use it for creating our video title screens and logos. A free alternative to Photoshop is Gimp.
5. Adobe Premiere ProWe did use Camtasia for a while to edit our videos but the version for the Mac just had too many problems. So we went with Adobe Premiere Pro instead. A bit of a learning curve but we got there in the end with it.
6. Gorilla Tripod The Gorilla tripod allows us to attach our camera to just about anything. Brilliant and highly recommended.
7. Regular Camera Tripod The tripod we have at the moment is a cheapy that we purchased on eBay but it does the job beautifully.
8. Canon 60d DSLR camera We use the Canon 60d for recording any visual videos we need to make.
 9. Zoom H4N Field Recorder The Zoom H4n is a field recorder. In other words, you can carry it around with you wherever you go in order to record sounds. It can record on it’s own but we also attach the Soundman microphone to create the binaural sounds.
10. iPad We used to use an iPad in conjunction with the Tascam adaptor and the Soundman microphones to record the audio, but we record into a Zoom R24 or a Zoom H4N now.
12. Audacity Audactiy is a free program for editing audio. It’s brilliant for the price. We often use it for noise removal.
13. Zoom R24 The Zoom R24 is an audio interface, recording device and DAW control surface. Basically we use it as a recorder and audio interface. In other words, we plug our binaural microphone into it and then plug the Zoom into a Mac computer.
14. Mac Computer I am a convert! I have been using Windows computers for years and just moved over to a Mac this year. I tell you now that I wouldn’t go back to a Windows computer. I just love my Mac. However, it’s not a necessity to have a Mac in order to make ASMR videos.
15. Rode NT1-A Microphone The Rode NT1-A microphones are marketed as the quietest microphones in the world – in other words, relatively low self noise ie hissing or buzzing sounds. We are no experts, but compared to any other microphone we have used, these are super quiet. We use them for our podcasts and creating some of the ASMR videos.