ASMR Role Play: Identifying and Cleaning Crystals

I’ve been meaning to record this video for some time now. It was actually a request and I had the crystals sitting there ready to go, but somehow never got around to it. It’s finally done thank goodness so I can give Wanda back her crystal book that she gave me on loan to use in the video.

ASMRHQ 50: Our Favorite Movies

In this podcast, we go through the top  films in IMDB and discuss which ones we have seen, which ones we like and don’t like and a little about the actors.

ASMR: Measuring Your Face for Plastic Surgery – The Follow-Up Appointment

Since the first ASMR Measuring Your Face video was so popular I decided to record a follow-up session. This one is needed because the surgeons just weren’t happy with the initial measurements.


ASMR Makeup Role Play – Softly Spoken, Binaural

I’ve decided to start doing more ASMR role plays. They’ve kind of been lacking on the channel and I know a lot of people like them. In the past, we have tended to stick with sounds so it’s nice to be doing something different.

We also have more time to record so although Wanda is focusing more on the craft channel, I am still here to work on the ASMR videos and will be doing more so in the future. I am hoping for one video a week – let’s see how we go.

ASMRHQ 49: Sounds Only

We promised another ‘sounds only’ podcast, so here it is. This one was recorded with the Rode NT1a microphones.

ASMR: Binaural Enthusiast Microphone Test – Mixed Sounds, Softly Spoken

We wrote about our latest microphone acquisition, the Binaural Enthusiast Microphone and how we tried it out on one of our podcasts, but until recently, we hadn’t really put it through it’s paces to see what it is truly capable of.

So yesterday, I plugged it all in and tried it out with some of the ASMR sounds that have been popular in the past, like the crinkly ball, the styrofoam thingy and various other things.

I really like this binaural microphone. As I mentioned in the previous post, it was created by an ASMR artist so it is made to suit our requirements.

I really can’t wait to start using it more often.

Here is a link to the Binaural Enthusiast website for more info on this microphone:


ASMRHQ 48: Rambling On About Goal Setting

In this podcast, we talk about how we are setting goals and making daily plans. We also go into what we are working on at the moment.


ASMR: Opening & Closing Lids …plus other sounds (SOUNDS ONLY – NO TALKING)

It’s been a while since we recorded much of anything for ASMR as our business has been keeping us quite busy. We had a major project we needed to get done and it took as 6 months to do so. Now that is out of the way, we are excited to be getting back to our ASMR channel and to start with, we have a sounds only video…no talking in this one.

I know a lot of people like the sound of lids opening and closing. It makes for a good ASMR sound. So this whole video is dedicated to that. Enjoy!


ASMRHQ 47: Our Trip to Melbourne

In this podcast, we ramble on about our latest trip to Melbourne.