ASMR: Fabric Stash and An Update on Where We Have Been

We are finally back and making videos again. In this video, we provide an update and go through a few items that came in the mail.

We are so happy to be recording again. We were having a lot of issues with traffic noise and the editing process just got out of hand. You don’t notice the traffic noises until you start recording because they aren’t actually that loud but the microphone picks up everything and with ASMR, as you know, you need a lot of quiet.

We¬†would spend hours listening to recordings just to edit out the bits of traffic. It was becoming tedious. So in the end, we decided to move the sound room from Wanda’s place down to my place. It’s soooo much better. We still get noises there but mostly natural sounds now like birds or my dog and we can quickly edit those out if needed.

So expect to see lots more YouTube videos and podcasts from us in the future.