ASMR: Rode NT1A Microphone Test – Softly Spoken with Mixed Sounds

We’ve decided that we need to use the Rode microphone a little more in our videos. It is such a super quiet microphone that lends itself perfectly to ASMR videos.

Being quiet means that it doesn’t have much of the hissing, humming, buzzing type of sound that you can get with a lot of microphones. This can be a real problem for ASMR artists because we are recording such soft sounds. And recording such soft sounds means that the listener often has to turn up the volume in order to hear it and when they do that, the hissing, humming, buzzing sound starts to become a problem.

This microphone practically eliminates that problem. It still has some self-noise but compared to most other microphones, it is super quiet.

This video was another test for the microphone. There is some speaking in this done in a softly spoken voice plus a few different sounds. I was also testing the camera and made some changes to the settings. It is an awesome camera and deserves a bit of attention to get it right.