ASMR: One Hour of Scratching and Scraping Sounds

This was something we had recorded a while back as we were going to use it for an album for iTunes, Spotify etc. Instead, we decided to combine all the tracks into one hour of easy listening for our YouTube subscribers.

It’s basically one hour of scratching and scraping sounds and was recorded using the Rode NT1A microphones.

ASMR: Binaural Sound Series #44: The Sounds of Crystals

I started out with this video simply tapping the crystals together but it was quite a sharp intense sound. So I ended up doing more scratching and scraping sounds with this one. Still came out okay, I think.

ASMR Binaural Sound Series #38: Scratching and Scraping Sounds

This video is just full of scratching and soft scraping sounds. It can be a little intense at times so be warned. But if you like these types of sounds, you should love this one.

ASMR: Binaural Sound Series #14 – Soft Scratching & Scraping Sounds

In this video we focus solely on scratching and scraping sounds. We used the 3Dio Free Space Pro binaural microphone for this one and the sound is awesome.