ASMRHQ 43: Rambling on about Fermenting

Yes, you read it right – in this ASMR podcast we are talking about fermenting. We talk about fermenting cabbage, making sourdough bread, our attempts at making a ginger bug to make ginger beer and how we are going to be making Kombucha.

ASMRHQ 42: Places We’d Like to Visit

In this podcast, we talk about places we’d like to visit in Australia and around the world.

ASMR: Tidying the Sound Room – Softly Spoken with Sounds

We decided to tidy up the sound room so in this ASMR video, you will hear us moving about the room and speaking with a softly spoken voice every now and then.

ASMR Microphone Test: Softly Spoken with Tapping Sounds

It’s been a while since we last posted a YouTube ASMR video, so I decided to start back with a microphone test using the 3Dio Freespace Pro binaural microphone.

In this video, I talk with a softly spoken voice and most make tapping sounds.

ASMRHQ 38: Rambling on about Paris – Softly Spoken

In this podcast, we talk about our trips to Paris including where we stayed, the sights we saw and the places we ate at. We love Paris and would happily live there, so we could talk about it all day.

ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – DAY 10 Pink Kinetic Sand – Softly Spoken

Our ASMR Kinetic Sand videos have been some of the most popular videos we have published, so we had to include another one for our 30 Days of ASMR Tingles series. We got ourselves some new PINK sand this time for something a little different.

ASMR: 30 Days of Tingles – DAY 3 What’s in My Makeup Bag? – Softly Spoken

For Day 3 I thought I’d try something different and do an ASMR ‘What’s in My Makeup Bag’ video. So it’s just me rambling on about the makeup and making some tapping and scratching sounds using the 3Dio microphone.

ASMR: My Badge Collection – Softly Spoken

I actually recorded this video some time ago – might have even been last year – but never got around to editing it until now. It is simply a video of me going through my old badge collection and it is done with as softly spoken voice.


ASMRHQ 023: Softly Spoken Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapters 1 & 2

This podcast is a softly spoken reading of the first two chapters of of Lewis Carroll’s book ‘ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This podcast is in response to requests from our supporters who would like to hear¬†more softly spoken readings.