ASMR Sounds: Just Testing the iPad

My goal here was to see how well the iPad recorded ASMR videos. I wanted to see what the picture and sound quality was like.

Overall, it came out okay although there was a lot of white noise so I did a bit of noise removal in Premiere Pro.

ASMRHQ 028: Sounds Only

For this podcast we decided to record sounds only so you will have no talking in this one apart from the intro music. We recorded this podcast using the Yeti microphone. Normally we would record with the Rode or 3Dio mics as they provide better sound quality. However the Yeti was all we had on hand at this point and it does provide omnidirectional recording.


ASMR Kinetic Sand Demonstation – Scraping and Crunching Sounds

I had a lot of fun making this ASMR video. Kinetic sand is an amazing product and really fun to play with. You won’t want to give this to your kids.

This video is softly spoken with some soft scraping and crunching sounds.

Where Can You Buy Kinetic Sand?

ASMR Binaural Sound Series #7: Pencil, Papers, Scissors

We decided to focus on just a few sounds for a latest AMSR video. So we went with the stationery theme – pencils, paper and scissors.

The pencil sounds include the clinking sound when you rummage through pencils in a pencil case and also the sound of  pencils drawing on paper.

The paper sounds include crinkling and rustling sounds as well as a bit of tearing.

And the scissors sound like scissors snipping away and cutting paper.


ASMR Binaural Sound Series #6 – Brain Tingles, Multiple Random Sounds, Crinkling, Scraping, Tapping

Personally, this is my favorite ASMR video of the ones that we have done so far. It has multiple random sounds but focusses on crinkling sounds using various papers and plastics. We also added some soft brushing sounds using make-up brushes on the dummy head and around the microphones themselves.

We found some wooden blocks at a $2 shop the other day so decided to introduce them into the mix as well. We rubbed them together to create a soft scraping sound as well as hitting them together gently to get a soft tapping sound.

All in all, I personally think it came out really well. Enjoy!

ASMR Binaural Sound Series #5 – Keyboard Sounds


We know a lot of people like the sound of keyboard tapping so this is what we have done for our latest ASMR Binaural Sound Series.

We got together every keyboard we could find so there are different tapping sounds throughout the video. Plus we added some game controller sounds from a combination of PS3, xBox and Wii controllers.

I think it turned out pretty good. Enjoy!

ASMR Binaural Sound Series #4: Random Sounds


This is #4 in our ASMR binaural sound series. It’s another random sounds video which I love to make. Lots of scraping and scratching sounds, plus crinkly and tapping sounds.

Like our previous videos we had trouble uploading this one to YouTube as well. We have been wanting to include an actual video with each audio but for the last two videos we had to be content with just an image that ran the whole length of the video. That was the only way YouTube would accept the video.

At long last, we think we have cracked it as after the second attempt and some adjustments, this one went up with a video. It had to so with synching issues (i.e. the video had to synch exactly with the audio) but also the fact that we were looping a video. We had to get the looping right and stitch the loops together using Camtasia.

So with those problems sorted now, we should be able to use video loops in our videos from now on.

It’s been a big learning curve for us over the past month or so, and it has taken us longer than expected to get these videos out, but now we are feeling a lot better about it all and will have more time to spend on actually creating the sounds rather than the technical stuff.